Aenitas Terminus

The Story So Far...

And So It Begins…

On the 5th Day of Duodecimus, the party found itself traveling the various roads and pathways of central Mallor in search of their own private destinies, until fate intervened (such a cruel mistress, fate!) As storm clouds gathered overhead, the party sought refuge in a tor to the northwest of Marikesh within the southern foothills of the Mallorian Range.

There, the party encountered a platoon of hobgoblins also seeking refuge…and something greater. It became swiftly apparently that the hobgoblins intended to use the tor as a fortification, and to find the tomb’s resident: the long dead minotaur general of Alaxus: Zzabrix. Narrowly escaping with their lives, the party left the tor just as an enslaved priest of unknown faith was forced into the chamber containing Zzabrix’s corpse…

From the tor, the party traveled for one day toward the city of Marikesh, encountering yet more hobgoblins attempting to capture a noblewoman by the name of Domina Zaria. After slaying the hobgoblins, releasing yet more slaves from bondage, and extorting the Domina for her horses, the party continued on their way leaving the Domina to ride alone toward destinations unknown.

Arriving in Marikesh on the 7th Day of Duodecimus, the party found Mallorian civilization unraveling at the fringes. The city was poor and unruly, with roving mobs of drunk and potentially dangerous men wandering the streets, too poor to afford even basic commodities. The party soon learned of the departure of Lord Marik and the garrison of Marikesh, and the rapidly declining conditions in trade and lawfulness that summarily followed. It seemed that the only concentration of wealth left in Marikesh lay in the hands of Makkel Psen, a man whom even the poorest beggars held obstinate and unfavorable opinions of. Yet, almost every shop, inn, and tavern was either owned by, or under the private protection of, Makkel Psen. Indeed, what little lawful security existed in Marikesh seemed to be upheld by Psen’s private guards. Yet, Makkel Psen was seen by the party participating in some interesting business practices – exchanging weapons and supplies with emissaries from the Tolstoff estates to the south-west of Marikesh. All that is known about the Tolstoffs is the tragic death of the Baroness of the House of Tolstoff, and the madness that has gripped the son, such that he has become known as Edgar the Mad Baron. The emissaries were not particularly normal in appearance or demeanor either, seemingly pallid of complexion, and unemotional in their discourse.

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