LET ME BEGIN by saying that it is my utmost honor to have been chosen by Lord Edwyn Mandrake as the High Master of Chronicles. My primary responsibility is to provide you, future readers, with and an accurate accounting of the events that have transpired and lead the people of the Eastern Kingdoms to its current crossroads. To assist in this task, I have decided to begin my writings with a summary of the peoples that inhabit the Eastern Kingdoms, a chronicle of important events beginning with the foundation of the Thedarian Empire of old, and finally with exploratory notes regarding the state of the Eastern Kingdoms before our current tragedies unfolded. From there I will embark upon the primary purpose of this writing and provide a detailed account of the past three years and how quickly our fortunes as mortals have changed.

I HOPE THAT you do not find this narrative excessive or without merit, dear future reader (by that I mean survivor), for how are we to persevere as a society if we do not look to the failures of the past to provide guidance? So much hope was laid at the feet of individuals who were not of sufficient resolve to see the quest through to conclusion. We as nations of peoples must look to the past, to the teachings of the Thedarian god Mundanus: “It is paramount that society endure in the face of a dark and terrible wilderness. Civilization must rise as one if it is to survive; not entrust its fortunes to the few.”

The above passage is from the Scripture of Laws and one of the paramount notions in Thedarian political philosophy. It holds within itself the entire justification for the Imperial Senate – a notion which endured the darkest days of the Aristairian War and survived in the face of increasingly autocratic actions taken by First Citizen Vesperetti. Such republican ideals should be embraced by the nobility of the Mallorian and Tarenothian survivors. While Lord Edwyn Mandrake has certainly been no friend to the Lancaster family, I hold in my heart the sincerest hope that he shall not squander the power invested in him by the survivors of Barren’s Hill or the fragments of society that he has managed to hold together. It is only with the views and actions of the many that he will be successful in the task before him.

_Respectfully Prepared by, The High Master Tristan Lancaster, On this, the 29th Day of Duodecimus, 824 AUC_

Aenitas Terminus